Important Notice

Fraud Prevention 

Important Notice: Beware of Scammers Impersonating Our Company Representatives/Staff via WhatsApp

We have recently received complaints alleging that fraudsters are impersonating our company representatives/employees through WhatsApp and promoting loan services.
We would like to remind our customers to remain vigilant, especially when communicating through WhatsApp. Here are some precautionary measures we recommend:
1. Verify the official number: Our official WhatsApp number are 2531-0331 & 2531-0332. If you receive a message from any other unfamiliar number claiming to represent our company, please exercise caution.
2. Exercise caution when disclosing personal information: Do not disclose personal information to strangers, including ID numbers, bank account numbers, passwords, etc. Unless communicated through our official channels in advance, we will not ask customers to provide such information on WhatsApp.
3. Verify the identity: If you suspect that the person’s identity is not genuine or if you receive suspicious messages, please request the individual to provide identification or other reliable evidence. You can verify their identity by contacting our customer service hotline at 2531-0333.
4. Beware of phishing websites: Be cautious of clicking on suspicious links or providing personal information to websites from unknown sources. Ensure that you are accessing our official website.
If you have any questions or need further assistance, please feel free to contact our customer service hotline at 2531-0333.
Best regards,
Zero Finance (Hong Kong) Limited

Fraud Prevention 

Important Notice: Beware of fraudulent impersonating representatives/employees

Our company has recently received complaints concerning fraudulent impersonation of our staff or representatives to promote our loan services.

We would like to remind you that please do not disclose any of your personal information to strangers, including HKID, bank account numbers and account balances. Call our customer service hotline 2531-0333 immediately if you receive a suspicious call.

Zero Finance (Hong Kong) Limited

Caution Against Fake Android Mobile Applications

Caution Against Fake Android Mobile Applications

Our company reminds customers and the public to be cautious and advises accessing information about our mobile application, X Wallet mobile application (Zero Finance Hong Kong Limited) can be downloaded through our official website We urge the public not to provide any personal information through other applications.

Individuals who have provided personal information to the aforementioned fake application should immediately contact the authorities for follow-up and investigation.

If customers receive suspected fraudulent calls or have any doubts, please call our customer service hotline for verification: 2531-0333.

Zero Finance (Hong Kong) Limited

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