X Wallet Member Get Member Rewards!ūüĎęOffer extended to May!


Promotion Period: From 1 April until 31 May 2024

Rewards Details:


(2) Referee successfully draw down loan amount over $10,000 referee and referrer are additionally entitled to: 

2a)  $300 cash rebates 

2b) X Pay $100 cash coupon

(2) To be eligible to get the cash rebates, the Referee must keep his/her X Wallet loan account in an active and normal status, cannot be settled and their remaining balance must 50% or above upon the approved loan amount every day, from the 1st day to 60th on signing contract day.

To be eligible to get the cash rebates and extra rewards for Referrers, the Referrer must attain the requirement mentioned above.

Examples Success Referral and Loan Amount Rewards Entitled for Referrer Rewards Entitled for Each Referee


1 Referrer

X Pay $100 Cash Coupon

X Pay $100 Cash Coupon


1 Referrer and
Loan amount $10,000

$300 Cash Rebate
+ X Pay $200
Cash Coupon

$300 Cash Rebate
+X Pay $200 Cash Coupon


5 Referrer and
Loan amount $10,000

$1,500 Cash Rebate
+ X Pay $1,000 Cash Coupon

$300 Cash Rebate
+X Pay $200 Cash Coupon


10 Referrer and
Loan amount $30,000

$3,000 Cash Rebate
+X Pay $2,000 Cash Coupon

$300 Cash Rebate
+X Pay $200 Cash Coupon


Each referrer can get up to $3,000 cash rebate and $2,000 X Pay cash coupon.

The number of X Pay cash coupons and the total cash rebate value that can be received are determined by the number of friends successfully referred.

1. How do I participate in the Member Get Member (‚ÄúMGM‚ÄĚ) program?
You just simply register as an X Wallet member and confirm with agree the MGM’s terms and conditions for this program.

2. What are the criteria the member must meet in order to eligible for the MGM rewards?
Referrer must be Hong Kong permanent residents aged 18 or above.

Referrer and Referee are both registered as an X Wallet member.


Referee must maintain their X Wallet loan account as normal status and not be settled.

Referee must be the new applicant for X Wallet loan, OR X Wallet member that has never been reactivated and applied for an X Wallet loan in the past 12-months period.

3. How do I refer someone?

4. How do I use the referral code?
When logged-in to X Wallet, the Referee cans enter the referral code during the X Wallet loan application process; If the Referee used a referral URL or QR code to open X Wallet and apply for an X Wallet loan, the system will verify the identity of both the Referrer and Referee automatically.

5.Is there a limit on the number of referrals?

There is no limit to the number of referrals. The more referrals you make, the more rewards you will receive. Maximum reward is $5,000.

6. How do I redeem my rewards?

$300 Cash rebates and Extra Cash rebates: Log-in to X Wallet and simply tap the withdraw button at the ‚Äė X Wallet Rewards‚Äô Page. We will then transfer the rewards into your designated Hong Kong bank account. The money transfer takes around five working days (excluding Saturday, Sunday or public holiday).

$100 X Pay  cash coupon: After logging into the X Wallet App, go to X Pay in the same App to complete the registration and registration. The cash coupon will be automatically transferred to the relevant X Pay account. It will take about five working days to transfer the cash coupon.
  1. This¬†promotional¬†offer¬†(the¬†‚ÄúPromotion‚ÄĚ)¬†is¬†valid¬†from¬†1¬†April¬†2024¬†to¬†31¬†May¬†2024,¬†both¬†dates¬†inclusive¬†(the¬†‚ÄúPromotion¬†Period‚ÄĚ).

  2. Referrer must be a new X Wallet Loan customer and successfully borrow $10,000 or above, each referrer and referee will be entitled to $300 cash rebate and $100 X Pay Cash Coupon on the loan amount.
  3. ‚ÄúNew¬†customer‚Ä̬†refers¬†to¬†those¬†who¬†have¬†not¬†held¬†an¬†X¬†Wallet¬†loan¬†account¬†in¬†the¬†past¬†12¬†months¬†from¬†the¬†date¬†of¬†confirming¬†the¬†loan¬†contract.
  4. The¬†Referee¬†needs¬†to¬†insert¬†a¬†referral¬†code¬†and¬†apply¬†for¬†the¬†X¬†Wallet¬†loan¬†within¬†the¬†promotion¬†period,¬†the¬†application¬†is¬†based¬†on¬†the¬†loan¬†contract¬†confirmation¬†time.¬†All¬†date¬†and¬†time-related¬†are¬†subject¬†to¬†the¬†system¬†report¬†and¬†Zero¬†Finance¬†Hong¬†Kong¬†Limited¬†(‚Äúthe¬†company‚ÄĚ)¬†final¬†decision.¬†Any¬†delayed¬†loan¬†contract¬†confirmations¬†are¬†not¬†accepted.
  5. The¬†Referee¬†needs¬†to¬†insert¬†a¬†referral¬†code¬†and¬†apply¬†for¬†the¬†X¬†Wallet¬†loan¬†within¬†the¬†promotion¬†period,¬†the¬†application¬†is¬†based¬†on¬†the¬†loan¬†contract¬†confirmation¬†time.¬†All¬†date¬†and¬†time-related¬†are¬†subject¬†to¬†the¬†system¬†report¬†and¬†Zero¬†Finance¬†Hong¬†Kong¬†Limited¬†(‚Äúthe¬†company‚ÄĚ)¬†final¬†decision.¬†Any¬†delayed¬†loan¬†contract¬†confirmations¬†are¬†not¬†accepted.
  6. The MGM program is only available for X Wallet members, who include the Referrer and Referee. The Referee must be the new applicant for X Wallet loan and confirmed loan contract and draw down successfully. Or X Wallet member that has never been reactivated and applied for an X Wallet loan in the past 12-months period, and confirmed loan contract and draw down successfully.
  7. The use of X Pay cash coupon is subject to terms and conditions. For the terms and conditions of X Pay cash coupon service, please refer to the X Pay website (zero-xpay.com) or inquire with the relevant supplier company.
  8. Each new customer (i.e., Referee) can only be referred to once. If more than one Referrer recommend the same Referee, only the first Referrer according to the record of the company will be eligible for the referral rewards.
  9. The referral code must be entered during the loan application process, the referral code cannot be corrected after the referral code has been accepted, supplementary are not accepted.
  10. All personal information collected will abide by the data policies of the company.
  11. All personal data collected in this offer will be processed in accordance with the company’s data policy.
  12. The rewards from the MGM program are not transferable.
  13. To avoid any conflict of interest, employees and agents of the company cannot participate in the MGM program.
  14. The Referrer and the Referee cannot be the same person, nor use the same bank account to receive the rewards.
  15. The referral method that the Referrer used must be lawful, otherwise, the company has the right to cancel the referral rewards for the Referrer.
  16. If Referrer has an X Wallet loan account, Referrer must maintain their X Wallet loan account as normal status in order to withdraw the cash rebates.
  17. Referee must maintain their X Wallet account as normal status in order to withdraw the cash rebates.
  18. When the system receives the instruction for the withdrawal of the rewards, the money will be transferred immediately. The money transfer will take around 5 working days (excluding Saturday, Sunday or public holiday), depending on the real-life situation and the designated bank that you are using.
  19. Referrer and Referee must ensure the bank account information provided is correct, accurate and active. The company will not accept any liability for any circumstances that caused or discovered that the rewards failed to transfer to the designated bank account.

  20. Within 60 days after the Referee successfully confirms the loan contract, if Referee or Referrer fails to provide the correct bank account used for receiving awards, it will be deemed to automatically give up the relevant rewards. 
    1. During¬†2024-4-01¬†to¬†2024-5-31¬†(60-day¬†period),¬†the¬†daily¬†outstanding¬†must¬†be¬†maintained¬†at¬†least¬†$10,000¬†or¬†above¬†to¬†qualify¬†for¬†the¬†rebate¬†from¬†Marketing.To¬†be¬†eligible¬†to¬†get¬†the¬†cash¬†rebates¬†and¬†extra¬†rewards¬†for¬†Referrers,¬†the¬†Referrer¬†must¬†attain¬†the¬†requirement¬†mentioned¬†in¬†‚ÄúTerms¬†and¬†Conditions‚Ä̬†Point¬†20¬†(i.e.¬†the¬†Referee¬†must¬†maintain¬†his/her¬†X¬†Wallet¬†loan¬†account¬†in¬†an¬†active¬†and¬†normal¬†status,¬†cannot¬†be¬†settled¬†and¬†their¬†remaining¬†balance¬†must¬†50%¬†or¬†above¬†upon¬†the¬†approved¬†loan¬†amount¬†every¬†day,¬†from¬†the¬†1st¬†day¬†to¬†60th¬†on¬†signing¬†contract¬†day.)

      To be eligible to get the cash rebates, the Referee must maintain his/her X Wallet loan account in an active and normal status, cannot be settled and their remaining balance must 50% or above upon the approved loan amount every day, from the 1st day to 60th on signing contract day. For example: The approved amount of the client (Referee) is $40,000, and the confirming loan contract date: 2024-4-01

  21. Cash rebates will be distributed to eligible Referrer and Referee within 90 days upon signed contract day of the Referee, and will have in-app message to notify customers the completion of the rebate distribution.
  22. The rewards would be cancelled, if the Referrer or Referee close, cancel or settle the X Wallet member account under any circumstance.
  23. The company will not accept any liability for any problems due to computer, network, telephone, and other technical issues that cause the member to delay or missed the submission of an application.
  24. The company reserves the right to amend these terms and condition or suspend this MGM program without any prior notice.
  25. The company will not accept any liability for any loss due to failure to follow the instruction of the MGM program.
  26. The company reserves the right to disqualify the eligibility of the member and withdraw the MGM program if the personal information provided is found to be fake or breach of the terms and conditions.
  27. By participating in the MGM program, each member agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions. The company reserves the right to disqualify the eligibility of member, to withdraw the MGM program and to proceed legal action, if any breach of terms and conditions is found.

If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between the English version and the Chinese version, Chinese version shall prevail. In case of any dispute, the company reserves the right of final decision.

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