Zero Finance Helps Combat Cyber Fraud by Providing Safe, Secure Loans and Payment Services


In recent years, Hong Kong has experienced a surge in online scams, with a remarkable uptick in the number of reported cases. Zero Finance Hong Kong Limited (“Zero Finance”) is dedicated to safeguarding customers’ online security. Recently, it provided investigative assistance to the “SMASHSCAM” anti-fraud operation launched by the Cyber Security and Technology Crime Bureau in June 2023, making a significant contribution to the operation’s success.


Zero Finance collaborates with the Hong Kong police to combat crimes and assist in the investigation of technology-related offenses. During the period from September 2022 to July 2023, one fraudulent group submitted 90 loans and 54 bank account opening applications using artificial intelligence, ultimately approving loans of HK$200,000. Zero Finance provided crucial intelligence regarding suspicious loan applications from this group, enabling the Hong Kong police to swiftly identify core members and successfully crack the case.


On November 24, 2023, the Cyber Security and Technology Crime Bureau of the Hong Kong Police Force engaged in in-depth discussions with Zero Finance’s risk control team regarding the fraud case. Zero Finance received commendations for its proprietary risk management system, which effectively safeguards customer online security. In recognition of the valuable contribution, Zero Finance was awarded certificates of appreciation.


Zero Finance places a high priority on customer privacy and online security. In addition to enhancing platform security, it distributes SMS alerts to customers to raise awareness and vigilance against online fraud, urging customers to remain vigilant and prevent crime, thus safeguarding them from unnecessary losses.

In the future, Zero Finance will continue to enhance financial technology, collaborating with peers to collectively improve Hong Kong’s online security and technological advancement, creating a safer and more reliable financial technology environment and contributing to establish Hong Kong as a global financial technology hub.

Zero Finance's Anti-Fraud Team successfully assisted the Hong Kong Police Force in cracking down on cyber technology crimes and received certificates of appreciation.

X Wallet’s Advanced Artificial Intelligence System for Fraud Prevention

During the fifth wave of the pandemic ravaging Hong Kong, citizens’ lives and incomes are greatly affected. To alleviate these challenges, X Wallet offers its X Cash.AI service. X Cash.AI is a revolving loan account that streamlines the borrowing process by providing 5-second A.I. quick approvals, waiving the need for extensive documentation, and requiring only an HKID for application. Once approved, users can withdraw money multiple times without hidden fees or penalties for early loan repayment.


X Pay Enhances Payment Verification to Protect Against Fraudulent Criminals

X Pay strengthens payment authentication to prevent fraudulent activities. It introduces the “Buy Now, Pay Later” feature, allowing consumers to make interest-free payments in three installments at partner merchants. X Pay’s intelligent risk control system utilizes secure verification measures such as “Dynamic 3D Authentication,” enhancing transaction success rates and ensuring receipt of bank card payments only from legitimate customers, thereby ensuring security and strict authentication, providing customers with a safe and immediate online shopping experience.


Zero Finance Continuously Evolves Financial Technology

Zero Finance continuously evolves its proprietary financial technology, investing in advancing A.I. and machine learning algorithms to analyze and calculate various customer data in real time, identifying high-risk groups and potential fraud risks, and enabling timely intervention. Its decision engine efficiently handles various situations to maximize customer experience and risk prevention, positioning Zero Finance as a leading player in the industry.


Zero Finance Hong Kong Limited has been dedicated to enhancing A.I. and machine learning algorithm capabilities, tailoring financial technology solutions to meet market demands, and ensuring the security of customer personal information and assets while providing the best possible customer experience. For more information about Zero Finance, please visit

The Anti-Fraud Team of Zero Finance engaged in extensive discussions with the Cyber Security and Technology Crime Bureau of the Hong Kong Police Force, focusing on cyber technology crimes.

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